Why Therapy?

Why contact a stranger for help when you have friends and family who are willing and consistently offering their help and support?

Because as weird as it may feel to trust a complete stranger with your intimate thoughts, feelings, and struggles, counseling is a very different source of help and support simply because the relationship is different.

Different how?

As a counselor, I am responsible to be present with you and for you, helping you stay 100% focused on YOU and the issues and topics you prioritize. I work for you which means that the expectations for our relationship are different from the ones you have with family and friends.

The therapeutic setting offers safe, non-judgmental, high quality space and time that is specifically structured to your needs, abilities, and comfort level. The therapeutic process begins with a thorough clinical assessment and some education about the therapeutic process. If you are comfortable with personality and style, we will work together to identify therapy goals, decide on a therapeutic approach, and a set a pace that is appropriate for your particular situation.

My role is to help you recognize patterns and processes that have reduced the quality of your life and to give you information and to make the changes you want to make, and to support you as you work toward meeting the goals you have set for yourself. I use evidence based interventions and approaches that help you create useful structure, develop communication strategies, identify and set healthy boundaries, and teach you coping skills and strategies that have applications in real world situations.